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Premium ‘A’ Grade quality Durham style mug, gloss coated and printed with our Mancunian Way design which celebrates two things: the city’s way of doing things, and of course, the iconic road that runs connects the centre of Manchester.

The Mancunian Way might just be a stretch of road, but the saying has grown into so much more! Our city’s attitude for hard work, pushing the bounds of science and technology and fighting for unity and equality has defined Manchester and its inhabitants for hundreds of years. Now our city is growing as more and more people move into its heart, determined to live the “Mancunian Way”.


White Mug: Mancunian Way MW532
Series 5 Design MS032
Premium ‘A’ Grade quality Durham style mug, gloss coated and certified to BS EN 12875-4 standards offering over 2000 dishwasher cycles with no sign of fading. Also suitable for use in microwave ovens.

Height 92mm, diameter 80mm.

  • Colour White

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 cm

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