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Black Shoulder Bag: England Bee


Why not mix things up and make your ideal bag that much more stylish with our black Manchester Bee backpack with our slick graphic logo on the front.

With the bag being black, the bright colours of the bee make this backpack stand out from the rest and is a great way to show off to your friends.

There is plenty of room in the bag perfect to hold books so if you are currently a student needing a bag to carry all your work and books, then this is clearly the right product for you.

Everyone has heard of the Manchester Bee, but not everyone knows where it came from. During the industrial revolution, the mills and workers of Manchester were known as the “Hives” and the “Bees”. This nickname became so popular that in 1842 it was added to the Manchester coat of arms. Now, over a hundred years later, the bee is a symbol of defiance against those who seek to harm our city. After the Manchester bombing, thousands stood together, rallying around the symbol of the bee, and showing to the world that we are not afraid, and we will not be beaten. Stand with us, and wear the bee with pride today.

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Black Shoulder Bag: England Bee
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