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Black Shoulder Bag: Mancunian Way


If you prefer having a backpack on your shoulder rather than your back then this backpack is the ideal one you need to buy.

With an authentic white and yellow logo on the front, it stands out from the rest with its stylish graphic of the Manchester bee and Mancunian name which is printed in bold on the bag which grabs your attention immediately.

This series 5 polyester design is guaranteed to keep your belongings dry from all the rain Manchester experiences!

The Mancunian Way might just be a stretch of road, but the saying has grown into so much more! Our city’s attitude for hard work, pushing the bounds of science and technology and fighting for unity and equality has defined Manchester and its inhabitants for hundreds of years. Now our city is growing as more and more people move into its heart, determined to live the “Mancunian Way”.

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Black Shoulder Bag: Mancunian Way
Series 5 Design MS032