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Black Shoulder Bag: Home of Football


If you’re a massive football fan and you are looking to take a backpack to a football match or just to have in general then this is the bag you need to buy!

This series 6 design is made from a polyester material so as well as being able to carry all your items, it will also be comfy to have on your shoulder.

The graphic logo is the main attraction on this backpack, with big bold bright colours included to really bring out the main theme.

Name a pair of more iconic rivals in football than Manchester United and Manchester City; go on, we’ll wait. Whether you’re a blue or a red, one thing we all agree on is that the Manchester derby is the best in the world. We’re so proud of our city’s international presence in football that we created our design “The Home of Football”. Get yourself one of our products and be proud that you visited the seat of British football success.

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Black Shoulder Bag: Home of Football
Series 6 Design MS063