The Best Breweries to Visit in Manchester

22 Sep 2020 Beer

Manchester is full of amazing bars and restaurants which are all filled with only the best alcoholic drinks around. Here we take a deeper look as to where the best breweries are in Manchester.

The Runaway Brewery

Located in the Green Quarter of Manchester, The Runaway Brewery is at the top of list selling only the best quality of beer to it’s customers. With a hugely impressive range of beers for you to try, the brewery invites all customers to join in on the tour they have and you can see behind the scenes how the beer is produced. Not only do they show you how it is made but you can also try the beer too, just don’t get too drunk during the tour!

The cost of the tour is at a great price too and should be on your to-do list before the end of the year. The Runaway Brewery has an exceptional range of beers which varies from seasonal beers, core beers and a long list of collaborative drinks. The collaborative drinks are special as it is an opportunity for the workers to experiment and learn so they can make special drinks perfect for a big occasion.

The brewery also offers home deliveries so if you are not able to get to the brewery then they will come to you, and deliver the finest beer and ale they have to offer. If you’re looking to collect then you can do that too, mini kegs and cases are also available to buy if you are feeling adventurous.




Based in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Beermoth is a unique brewery compared to the others on this list as this one has two shops. One in the Northern Quarter and the other in Manchester city centre. The shop in the city centre is a belgian-style beer cafe which offers beer, food, coffee in a relaxing environment. An ideal pit stop when shopping! All the products they sell there are available at great prices too so you won’t need to spend much.

At Beermoths main brewery, they offer a huge range of beers and ales that are always evolving from the best breweries in the world, so you will not miss out on any new drinks! Due to COVID-19 unfortunately it’s not easy for people to get to the store, however, they now offer shipping so you can have your favourite beers delivered to your doorstep. Or if you are looking to just collect then you can do that too, Beermoth truly has everything you want and with lovely staff, what’s not too like? 

From Friday to Saturday it is always open late so if you’re fancying a late adventure then be sure to check out Beermoth brewery. You won’t be disappointed!



Manchester Union Brewery

Possibly the most original brewery on the list, this brewery is special as the only product they sell is Manchester Union Lager. They use their own UK brewing methods with a Mancunian swagger so if you are a local then this is the perfect place for you. It is also great if you’re a tourist as you’ll be able to get a taste of Manchester’s finest and unique lager. 

Every Saturday they open the doors to their brewery and you drink right by where they brew their lager from making the occasion that extra special. They hold events like this and many more but due to popular demand it’s a first come first serve policy so it can be hard to book, but we guarantee it will be worth it. The prices are great too making it affordable to anyone who is looking to try Manchester’s best beer.

Manchester Union Brewery also offers online shopping on their website so you can order products straight to your doorstep. Their products they have on offer are brilliant not only can you buy beers but also gift cards, t-shirts, sweatshirts the list goes on and they’re available for you to buy at a good price too.



The Epicurean 

The Epicurean is not only an award winning brewery but also one of the biggest selling some of the finest beers and ciders from across the world. The brewery has excellent, friendly staff that help you decide which is the best lager for you as they have expert knowledge on the subject. 

Recently they have introduced ‘beer club’ which is a rolling monthly subscription for all beer lovers and new drinkers to taste new and exciting beer. The prices for the subscription are very reasonable too and you can decide whether you want mixed styles or just pales only. Included in your subscription you get The Epicurean magazine, snacks to go with your beers and also a free glass, tote bag and beer mat!

As well as beer and cider they also offer some of the best gin you can buy, ranging from bottles to cans and they have a huge selection for you to choose from. Also, they have an excellent online store and delivery system so you can order your favourite drinks straight to you without any hassle. They always give their customers the latest news on new drinks they have in so you won’t miss out anything!


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the best breweries to visit in Manchester! If you have been to any of these breweries then be sure to get in touch and let us know what you think.