24 Feb 2017

Alan Turing – Enigma code breaker

This statue of Alan Turing was unveiled on 23 June 2001 in Sackville Park close to the University of Manchester building on Whitworth Street and Canal Street.

Turing was a mathematician who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II with the code breakers who deciphered German naval codes including uncovering the settings for the Enigma machine. He is regarded as the father of modern computer science and it was at Manchester University in 1948 that he worked on the Manchester Mark 1, one of the world’s earliest true computers.

Turing was gay in a time when homosexuality was regarded as a criminal offence. Despite his outstanding war record and his academic achievements he was outed as a homosexual and subsequently arrested and prosecuted. This ended his career and soon after in 1954 he was found dead by his cleaner. The statue depicts Turing holding an apple because it is thought that he committed suicide by lacing an apple with cyanide.

After his death, Turing finally received the recognition he deserved. In Manchester a road was named the Alan Turing Way and a bridge on that road called the Alan Turing Bridge. In addition to this statue the new physics building at the University of Manchester has been named the Alan Turing Building.

17 Feb 2017

Manchester invented the modern world

Manchester invented the modern world, for this was the first city of the industrial revolution and its inhabitants have given society some of its greatest creations.

Listed below are just a few things Manchester is famous for and made history…

Britain’s 1st Canal – The Bridgewater 1761

Atomic Theory – 1803

Vegetarianism – 1809

First passenger railway – 1830

First submarine – 1878

Competitive Football – 1888

Rolls Royce – 1904

Splitting of the atom – 1917

First programmable computer – 1948

Graphene – 2004

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13 Feb 2017

Why the Bee symbol is linked with Manchester?

Ever thought about why the Bee symbol is linked with Manchester?

It’s hard to cross the street in the City Centre without seeing a bee; it’s on bollards, planters and litter bins you name it!

The bee is the symbol of Manchester and seven bees were incorporated in to the city’s Coat of Arms in 1842 at the end of the Industrial Revolution.

It is also said ?workers in the textile mills were compared to bees in their hives and the term ‘busy bee’ remains synonymous with the ideas of industriousness, perseverance, and team work to this day.

It is also know for a lot of mancs to get this ‘ worker bee ‘ tattooed as a symbol of being proud to be mancunian. Have you or a loved one been tattooed? If so make sure to send us your bee ink to our Twitter or Facebook page.

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