10 Places to go on a night out in Manchester

31 Jan 2020 A bar in Manchester

Manchester is an incredible city. A city that is full of life.

It may have originally been known as an industrial bee hive of hard worker, but fast forward to the 21st century and it is the second biggest city in the UK, and the sixth across the whole of Europe which is nothing short of remarkable.

The city contains many tourist attractions throughout the day which range from museums, football stadium tours, art galleries and many more. However, when the sun goes down and the night closes in, the city lights up and becomes a whole new reality.

Junkyard Golf

Junkyard Golf is a classic mini golf course but with a twist! Firstly, you’re allowed to drink alcohol which is perfect for a group activity with friends/family and if you are looking for somewhere to go on a first date then this is the perfect place to break the ice.

There are three courses you can choose from:

  • The first is ‘Pablo’ – a jungle themed polluted paradise, filled with temples, pirate speedboats, skulls and more. Creepy jungle madness.
  • Second is ‘Bozo’ – the theme for this is a spooky and dark fairground, which is packed with circus freaks and clowns. If you’re feeling brave enough then this is the course perfect for you.
  • Lastly, ‘Garry’ – with its main theme being a garage it has all you need; 90’s music, a scrapyard slide and a UV garage room.

All three courses cost the same price at £8 pounds from Sunday to Wednesday. From Thursday till Saturday it costs £9.50. These are good prices for a place that is at the heart of Manchester – you won’t regret going!

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20 Stories 

With scenic rooftop views that look over the city and surrounding areas, 20 Stories is truly breathtaking. This is one of the places that you should 100% be visiting if it’s your first time in Manchester or even on a special occasion. 

The cocktails are as glamorous as the socialites that enter, and also taste absolutely amazing! When you first enter the building and you get in the lift it feels like you are actually taking off. It goes up a full ‘20 Stories’, taking you into the clouds.

With the restaurant being more on the high end it does mean it costs more than what you would usually pay, however, you get your money’s worth as the food is quite simply magnificent!

So, if you do decide that this is the place you would like to visit then get dressed up smart and fancy. You’re in for an absolute treat, but we would recommend that you make a reservation as it is extremely popular.

Dirty Martini

If you love martinis and cocktails, and would like to try many more, then Dirty Martini is perfect for you.

The place is incredible, it has three floors all of which have stunning bars and you can also hire one of the floors out for an event or perhaps a works staff do.

Either way your going to love it, they play great music, the atmosphere is amazing and there is never anything bad to say. The staff are welcoming and charming which really lifts the place.

The drinks are at a reasonable price too, and if you make it in time for Happy Hour then you are in for a treat. Not only are their martinis half price, bottled wine is just £12.50, bottles of prosecco £20 and beer/cider £3.50. 

You can’t argue with those prices especially as the place is located in Spinningfields, the rather posh and fancy area of Manchester.



Cain and Grain

Situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Cain and Grain holds a special place amongst the bars in Manchester with it’s unique 80’s skate theme, the bars sells a huge selection of craft beer.

They also serve the most delicious ribs covered in a maple glaze which intensifies the flavour, it tastes incredible.

Most people think that there is only a bar downstairs, however, hiding away upstairs is their ‘Science & Industry’ room.

This hidden away bar provides full table service in an exciting new way for customers. It is a drinks laboratory where the staff use their unique scientific techniques to conjure new and exciting cocktails for customers to try.

Cain and Grain isn’t a bar that you would want to miss, with the friendly staff and lively atmosphere it is perfect to visit with your friends both during the day and night. 

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Albert’s Schloss

Based in Spinningfields, this German restaurant serves delicious food and tasty drinks, it boasts classy Bavarian traditions and super friendly staff.

The menu is filled with a wide range of food to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! By day it is a lovely restaurant to visit, but night time is where the place really comes to life.

The live music that’s played is brilliant and because of this, the atmosphere is incredible. People of all ages come here which is great and it just goes to show how Albert’s Schloss is a special place for everyone to visit as it is so diverse.

They even have an open fire which makes it perfect for winter but it also adds that cosiness to the place as well.



Roxy Ball Room Manchester

If you’re looking for a fun place to go on a night out where you can drink as much as you want and also do fun activities as well then I highly recommend you check out the Roxy Ball room.

This place has got everything, you can play mini golf on the top floor and the floor beneath you can play pool, ping pong and a personal favourite – beer pong!

All of these activities don’t cost much either with it costing £12 for an hour which is a perfect amount of time to have plenty of fun, however, if you decide to play beer pong then be prepared to get your wallet out a lot as it is very addictive once you start playing!

The food they sell here is impeccable, perfect if you have had one too many drinks and need to soak up the ale.

No matter how much you decide to spend here I can guarantee you’ll have an incredible night either way, and you will definitely remember the fun you had here for a long time.


Revolución de Cuba

Revolución de Cuba is another diverse place that Manchester has to offer and this cocktail bar is more unique than others on this list.

Firstly, it’s Cuban which means a lot of fresh food with very nice spices with it, the food is filled with phenomenal flavours and we seriously recommend you try it!

The live music they have is an unforgettable experience which is held on both floors is so much fun a great way to spend time with friends and family here.

If you really wanted to they have salsa classes as well, the first 45 minutes are free and if you want to carry on longer then it will only cost you a fiver. Later on in the evening there is a salsa social which is an incredibly fun experience.

As well as all the dancing, the cocktails they serve are superb and they have such a wide range of drinks to choose from, this is a great place to come to on a night out in Manchester.

If you’d like to learn how to dance and drink as much as you want then please follow the link



The Ivy

Now, The Ivy is one of the main places to be in Manchester.

Since it first opened in July 2019 it has been the restaurant on everyone’s bucket list. Even the toilets are extravagant!

The whole interior of this place is beautiful as well as the architecture, absolutely stunning to look at both inside and outside. When you enter it feels like you’re being transported into a tropical oasis, literally every floor, every menu, every design has been precisely thought out to give you the best possible experience.

There’s something for everybody. Even if you are a picky eater you’ll find something you will love.

The first floor serves traditional English food with its ‘a la carte’ menu, which has everything you could possibly desire.

If that’s not enough for you the second floor has a cultural atmosphere for the more adventurous and consists of a mix of Asian cuisine.

Finally, the third floor is for private dining with three rooms to choose from: The Dalton, The Geisha and the Skylight terrace.

All three are flawless, it is definitely worth spending that extra money particularly if you are looking for somewhere to hold an event.


Dog Bowl

In terms of going on a night out this is a different place to go but it’s surprisingly a lot of fun and very underrated.

The food is simple yet very nice to eat, very good value for money. The main attraction here is the fact you can play bowling and also drink to your heart’s content which makes bowling so much more fun. Be careful you don’t drink too much otherwise you’ll bowl on the wrong lane!

It’s a very affordable place so if you’re on a budget then this place is perfect, off peak prices are only £6 and peak prices are £9. If you’re a student then you can get 50% off which is an absolute bargain. You can’t complain about Dog Bowl, it’s affordable and also a great night out, definitely the surprise package on this list.


Twenty Twenty Two

Hidden away in the Northern Quarter, Twenty Twenty Two offers all night ping pong which is extremely fun to play even if your not very good at it, it’s perfect to spend time with friends here or even go on a date.

It’s got a great atmosphere with all the super friendly staff encouraging you to have a good time, they make it as enjoyable for you as possible which is so brilliant of them.

With the place being one of the city’s most popular clubs, it is 100% worth the visit, you can even hire space there if you’re looking to host an event.



Wherever you decide to visit on a night out in our city, we hope you have the most amazing experience and one you will remember for a long time.

Be sure to contact us if you went to any of these places and let us know what you thought of your night out in Manchester.