Top 7 Attractions around Manchester

28 Feb 2020 Image of the Printworks

If you’re new to Manchester and are looking to see what the city has to offer then check out our list of the best attractions, we guarantee you wont want to miss any of these when you visit here.

Old Trafford Football Stadium

Not only is this the biggest football stadium in the United Kingdom but it is home to one of the biggest clubs in the world, Manchester United.

The club is filled with such rich history from the Munich air disaster that happened in 1958 to the clubs phenomenal success across England and Europe has quite simply been outstanding.

Nicknamed, ‘The Theatre Of Dreams’, Old Trafford football stadium has a brilliant museum and tour for the public which has been recently enhanced since 2020.

The new and improved tour takes visitors to areas never before seen by the public, you can visit the VIP hospitality suites, players’ warm up room to see where the first team prepare, and the room where Hawk-Eye, the goal line technology is based.

You can also visit the referees room plus much more!

The prices for an adult enhanced tour ticket is £40 and for a junior £25, If this is well within your budget and attracts your attention the most then please read more on the website.


Science And Industry Museum

If you are curious about learning more about science then there’s no better place to build your knowledge on the subject than here, The Science and Industry Museum. 

This museum is incredibly popular among tourists throughout the museum you can take part in various activities and the place holds many events during the year, for example there is one currently running till March 2020 and that is their blockbuster exhibition on ‘The Sun’ which is perfect for audiences of all ages. 

There is a treasure hunt that children can take part in, they have to go and find all the different pieces of information about the sun in different parts of the museum which is really good as it’s a great way for the children to interact and explore the place.


Trafford Centre

Maybe one of the most popular places to visit in Manchester, The Trafford Centre has everything you could ever ask for and there is without a question something for everyone. 

For children there is, firstly, a play area designed for kids under the age of ten to have fun if they are getting bored and agitated when shopping. 

There is also a Lego Land which is unheard of for a shopping mall to have but it really works as it’s so popular with the younger kids, there is even a 4D cinema included what more could you ask for!

For all audiences, there aren’t just clothes shops but there are so many food restaurants to choose from, all providing excellent food and service.

If that isn’t enough for you well then there’s plenty more. From an Odeon cinema, laser quest, mini golf plus much more you’ll have to discover yourself!

Chill Factore

Since first opening, The Chill Factore has welcomed millions of visitors and is one of the most popular UK attractions to visit. It’s located right next to The Trafford Centre so if you know where that is then it will be an easy find.

If your a big fan of skiing/snowboarding then your in for a treat as there are so many activities you can take part in, whether it be to just ski on your own an hone your skills you can do that. Or perhaps if your a beginner there are loads of lessons you can take part in where you will receive excellent training. 

These lessons may be quite costly but they’re one hundred percent worth participating in. Also, they’re  activities for the family too so if you’re looking for a great day out I highly recommend you book to go the Chill Factore, you won’t be disappointed. 



Manchester Arena 

Manchester Arena is one of the busiest venues and the largest indoor arena in Europe! Some of the biggest bands and artists have held a concert there, more than a million people visit the arena every year and the venue has won many awards.

The atmosphere is incredible. The staff that work there are brilliant, always looking to help, great service is provided there too. 

When you visit their website there is a ton of events always happening from musicians to sports events such as boxing and comedians too! This arena has all the live entertainment you need, nothing but the best.



Christmas Markets

Arguably Manchester’s biggest event in the festive calendar. The Manchester Christmas Markets are so magical and it has absolutely anything you can think of there. 

There are stalls upon stalls dotted around the city that are filled with everything you associate Christmas with, from alcoholic drinks to an incredible amount of food it may be pricey but definitely worth the money.

Many people across Europe come here and set up stalls. For example, there are a lot of German themed stalls that are extremely popular as they all sell the most tasty beer and also hot delicious food such as burgers and sausages, it’s a must you try what they have to offer!


Print Works

Located in the city centre right next to the Arndale, The Printworks has so many exciting things you can do, there are a wide range of food restaurants you can eat at, all delicious so would highly recommend!

There is a cinema you can check out and watch all the latest available movies including some absolute blockbusters! If this wasn’t enough then they also have a mini golf you can try out which is super fun, ideal to go with your mates or maybe a place to go on a date as it’s a great ice breaker.

The Print works released some massive news in recent months stating that they have been given planning permission to refurbish the whole place. The project is going to cost a whopping £9 million and it’s the first big investment the place has had since it opened 20 years ago.

To make it that more exciting, once it has been completed it will include an amazing digital ceiling which will be the biggest in Europe which is quite simply, incredible!


Whichever attraction interests you the most we hope you have a splendid visit there as they are all fantastic places to visit.

If you decide to visit any of these big attractions, then please contact us and let us know how your experience was.